Active Members

Sarah Abdelhady

Sarah graduated with a bachelors degree in biology in 2018. Sarah is currently in an accelerated nursing program at Drexel University, with hopes of becoming an emergency Nurse Practitioner. Sarah often devotes her time at home by riding at MFARS. Sarah also has experience working 911 jobs, as well as critical care with RWJ.

Peter Bellone Jr., 1st Lieutenant (351)

Pete is a retired marine who worked as a helicopter mechanic and is the First Lieutenant of MFARS. In his free time he enjoys fixing up his corvette and boat! Pete is an extremely important member of the squad, dedicating every weekend to volunteering and making sure our technology and ambulances are in perfect condition. 

Peter Bellone III, Engineer (354)

Peter has been a volunteer EMT with MFARS since 2010 and has served as a line officer for 8 years. Peter brings a wealth of experience to every call and he is always calm in the chaos. While off duty, Peter enjoys hanging out at the squad building and playing practical jokes on members. If your car keys happen to go missing around Peter, check the freezer!

Lily Chozick

Lily is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh with dreams of pursuing a career as a physician assistant. She joined MFARS a year and a half ago and has enjoyed learning how to care for patients. During school breaks you can find her having fun while volunteering at the squad.

John D'Angelo, Sergeant (353)

John is one of our newest active members who joined earlier this year, and has been a wonderful addition to the Squad. He is a proud father and husband as well as a dog parent to Rufus and Marker. In his free time he enjoys fishing and spending time with family. His quick-witted humor and hilarious references are sure to put a smile on your face. John is a strong leader who devotes his Sunday nights to ensuring a safe and healthy community for all Marlboro residents.

Jeff Davidson

Jeff is the Treasurer for the Sqaud and an avid outdoor sports enthusiast and mrtial artist, as well as a business owner down in Ocean County.  Jeff's one of regular riders for the Monday overnight shift.

Sandy Goldstein

Members can often find Sandy napping on the couch, picking up ice cream from Shoprite, or watching the Yankee game. Sandy has responded to over 6,000 first aid calls and trained dozens of EMTs. As a retired teacher, Sandy enjoys helping students in the MFARS Cadet Program to become successful healthcare professionals.

Alex Gong

Alex is a Rutgers graduate who hopes to become a trauma nurse in the near future. Alex began his journey with MFARS 6 years ago when he joined as a cadet. He quickly moved up to the position of crew chief at 18 years old. Alex enjoys helping others, both patients and new members of the squad. He often devotes time on and off shift to helping new EMTs develop their skills and improve their patient care. Alex truly cares about the welfare of MFARS and the Marlboro community. With his pager always on, Alex frequently visits #jobtownUSA and does so with a smile. You may even find him combing the beach with Belmar EMS!

Thomas H.

Tom H. Is one of our newest members, obtained his EMT and moved up to Active in record time.  Tom is a senior Heavy Equipment operator.  You’d be surprised the organizational and operational skills learned as a Heavy Equipment Operator.  Welcome to the team Tom.  His wife, Emily H., also joined the squad shortly after.

Sankrit Kapoor

Sankrit is currently a freshman studying Biochemistry with aspirations to become a physician. He is extremely passionate about the medical field and has dedicated thousands of hours to MFARS since he joined in 2015.
Some members of the squad may consider Sankrit as our resident goofball. His evil ‘twin’ Sean Kappor enjoys redecorating the squad building with funny pictures, pranking his fellow members and making everyone laugh. Though he may be a jokester back at the squad, he brings a high level of professionalism and seriousness to every call. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games with friends and playing with his dog Kinder.

Russell Langill

Russ jokingly calls himself a “COVID-19 hire,” because he joined us at the beginning of the first wave of COVID-19. Russ is an both an EMT and a dispatcher here in town, and for multiple organizations. He’s also one funny guy and will keep you laughing on top of that.

Erik Meskin

Erik is off at school in MA, however when he's in the area he rides for MFARS.  Erik is a past Captain of the squad and accomplished medical professional. 

Paul Nebb


Emily Okun

Emily started out on MFARS’ cadet program and later joined the upper divisions. Emily spends most of her free time volunteering at MFARS and is an essential and extremely committed member. She is a freshman at TCNJ studying nursing sciences and is looking to be a nurse in the field. Emily can often be found playing animal crossing on the Nintendo Switch or playing with her two cats.

Phil Thompson, Captain (350)


Phil is the Captain of MFARS! You may notice him around town wearing his neon yellow MFARS jacket or working as the owner of Batteries Plus Bulbs in Manalapan! Phil is an extremely busy man, juggling three jobs and showing up to calls whenever he can. When he has a free moment he enjoys relaxing at his home in Vermont.

Thomas Thornbury, 2nd Lieutenant (352)


Tom is the 2nd Lieutenant at MFARS, as well as a Marine! In his free time, Tom enjoys playing with his dog, Gunny, riding his Harley and baking with his wife. From joining just three years ago, Tom has become an extremely dedicated member of the squad and volunteers countless hours every week. 

Roman Yakubov