Lifetime Achievements

EMT of the Year

COVID-19 Citation Bars

In the early days of the pandemic, there was alot of uncertainty. We were changing processes, learning new skills, developing new procedures with the hospitals, deploying new equipment and had no idea what to expect. 

It required, and still does, confidence, courage and skill to respond to a “COVID” call as each case required a new untried liaison with dispatch, our medical control and the hospitals. We had no idea if our responders would become infected or what other suprises the virus held in store for us. 

In recognition of their courage, skill, and dedication the following members went above their minimum riding hours focusing on delivering care during these frightening times. Their care for patients, skill and professionalism helped relieve patient anxiety, distribute information and provide superior care.

Sarah Abdelhady
Peter Bellone Jr
Peter Bellone III
Jordan Bosse
Lily Chozick
John D’Angelo
Jeff Davidson
Kathy Gong
Alex Gong
Sankrit Kapoor
Oleg Rolbin
Phil Thompson
Thomas Thornbury
Roman Yakubov

2023 - Sandy Goldstein received President Award for his time and dedication to the squad 

2023 - Alan Miller for hitting 7,000 calls responded in a lifetime

2022 - Phil Thompson recieved award of recognition for being longest running Captian

2020 - Sandy Goldstein for hitting 6,000 calls and 35,000 hours volunteered in a lifetime

2011 - Travis Lamberson resonded to a record breaking 735 calls in one year

2022 - Phil Thompson

2021 - Alex Gong

2020 - Alex Gong

2019 - Thomas Thornbury

2018 - Pete Bellone Jr.

2017 - Phil Thompson

Driver of the Year

2022 - Jordan Bosse



Paula Alexander, John Alt, Brian Altschuler, Roy Anderson, Donald Andrews, Joseph Ash, Ralph Babrisky, Rudy Barbolini, Allen Bilinski, Vicki Bilinski, Ernie Borowsky, Joyce Bruck, Chris Cherbini, Steve Cohen, Michael Costura*, Mitchell Cowit, Dennis Demiceli, Barbara Derrick, Joann Dispenziere, Michael Dussack, Elaine Dyer*, Danny Eckel, Len Flynn, Paula Forster, Pauline French, Phil Gaines, Thomas Glowacka, Edward Gribben, John Gutman, Robert Holmes, Darnell Jackson, Debbie Jackson, Bea Jaffe, Robert Jessen, Alan Kahn, Irwin Kleinman, Jeff Kohlberg, George Landau, Joseph Lanzaro Jr., Don Miller, Kenneth Miller, Theresa Miller, Joan Murphy, Fredrick Nyce*, Barry Oxman, Linda Pappania, Charles Pogers, Daniel Levy, Roger Sassin, Danny Schick, Joseph Seffler, Desiree Smith, Martin Smith III, Carol Stark, John Stark, Jack Sweeny, Janice Thomas, Donald Weber, Mark Wiko

Life Members 1952-2002

Life members have served in our community and have successfully volunteered 7 years on the Morganville First Aid & Rescue Squad. This includes make the monthly riding requirements as well as attending meetings and special events.

2003 - Keith Badler*, 2004 - Fred Baron, 2004 - John Butterweck, 2004 - Sandy Goldstein, 2006 - Jane Malaspine, 2007 - Alan Miller, 2007 - Phil Thompson,  2013 - Ed Dobrosky, 2008 - Scott Barnett, 2008 - Madelyn Reali, 2011 - Phil Rubin, 2012 - William Molloy, 2012 - Paul Nebb, 2013 - Jeffrey Davidson, 2014 - Jordan Bosse, 2017 - Travis Lamberson, 2017 - Peter Bellone III, 2017 - Peter Bellone Jr., 2017 - Bruce Bandler, 2017 - Adriana Gomez, 2018 - Erik Meskin, 2018 - Scott Alter


Life Members 2003 - Present