Line Officers

Phil Thompson, Captain (350)

Phil is the Captain of MFARS! You may notice him around town wearing his neon yellow MFARS jacket or working as the owner of Batteries Plus Bulbs in Manalapan! Phil is an extremely busy man, juggling three jobs and showing up to calls whenever he can. When he has a free moment he enjoys relaxing at his home in Vermont.

Peter Bellone Jr., 1st Lieutenant (351)

Pete is a retired marine who worked as a helicopter mechanic and is the First Lieutenant of MFARS. In his free time he enjoys fixing up his corvette and boat! Pete is an extremely important member of the squad, dedicating every weekend to volunteering and making sure our technology and ambulances are in perfect condition. 

Thomas Thornbury, 2nd Lieutenant (352)

Tom is the 2nd Lieutenant at MFARS, as well as a Marine! In his free time, Tom enjoys playing with his dog, Gunny, riding his Harley and baking with his wife. From joining just three years ago, Tom has become an extremely dedicated member of the squad and volunteers over a thousand hours each year as well as being a CPR Instructor. 

John D'Angelo, Sergeant (353)

John is one of our newest active members who joined earlier this year, and has been a wonderful addition to the Squad. He is a proud father and husband as well as a dog parent to Rufus and Marker. In his free time he enjoys fishing and spending time with family. His quick-witted humor and hilarious references are sure to put a smile on your face. John is a strong leader who devotes his Sunday nights to ensuring a safe and healthy community for all Marlboro residents.

Peter Bellone III, Engineer (354)

Peter has been a volunteer EMT with MFARS since 2010 and has served as a line officer for 8 years. Peter brings a wealth of experience to every call and he is always calm in the chaos. While off duty, Peter enjoys hanging out at the squad building and playing practical jokes on members. If your car keys happen to go missing around Peter, check the freezer!