Morganville First Aid Privacy Policy

The Morganville First Aid (referred to as MFARS) website, as part of its operation requires collection of personal data from users, and customers in certain scenarios. This information is essential to the provision of services.  By using the Service, you agree to the terms of this Policy.

It is the users  responsibility to read and understand these terms.

Throughout this document examples are intended to be illustrative and not exhaustive.

“Users” is intended to include anyone that uses the System.  Users should be aware of the information collected and how it is used.

Information Collection

Personal Information

There may be times when the site collects personal information about  a user, especially where the users expresses interest in joining the squad, or attempting to contact the squad about various concerns such as historical records.

Any such information is collected for the operation of the squad and may be retained indefinitely.

Operations Information

Operations information is created as a side effect of using this site. Examples include class registrations, time of logins, time since last login, login duration and more. Such information is created either by overt action by the user, overt action by another user on that user’s behalf, user inaction or user inaction on another user’s behalf, or automatically created by the system.

In the process of operation, the system may collect and process a user’s IP address, time of access, information about the computer used to access the system and other data. This data is collected in order to either improve the performance of the system or enhance its security.

Personal information placed into messages by users can possibly be read, copied and resent by other users, even those not intentionally addressed by the original posting.

Presentation Information

The System may or may not send the user a cookie to be stored on the user’s computer. Refusal of the cookie may impair the operation of the system.

Data from the computer used to access the System may also be collected as part of using the system. Such data includes but is not limited to IP Address, possibly the domain name, type of browser, computer characteristics, related settings, and the presence of other software on the computer. This data is collected in order to improve the operations and/or performance of the System including its security.

Integrated performance tools may use techniques such as image tags to collect data from user’s computers. This information is only used to improve the performance of the system.

Use of Information

MFARS reserves the right to use any and all information collected to:

Improve the performance of the System Improve the performance of site, individual user reports at the request of authorized users. MFARS may create aggregated reports from any type of types of information from the system as it sees fit. These reports are not traceable to a single user. These reports can be used for but not necessarily exclusively for marketing purposes, fundraising, or other purposes.

MFARS may require the services of Third Parties to provide service. Examples include hosting providers, software companies, distribution firms, caching service providers and others. Aggregate information may be shared with these Third Parties in order to provide the Service.

Any information collected by the system may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies upon a legal order or regulation.


By use of the System, the user recognizes the types of data collected by the system and provides consent to this policy.

The service is not designed to be used by people under the age of thirteen. If we believe there is information about a user under the age of thirteen, MFARS retains the right to delete that user’s information from the customer’s Service.


Morganville First Aid reserves the right to access the System for purposes of maintenance and to perform customer requested functions.

MFARS has taken precaution to protect information from unauthorized access. The customer and users should recognize that we use commercially available components such as, but not limited to software, servers, firewalls, computers, routers, switches, databases, software frameworks, languages, libraries and operating systems. While MFARS takes reasonable efforts to ensure the system is secure, Morganville First Aid cannot assure the security or integrity of these components and that unauthorized users may access data stored in an MFARS System. MFARS is not responsible for such data intrusions and the security of the data cannot be assured.

Modification of Terms: MFARS may update, modify and otherwise continually seek to improve the Service or Software and such changes often require an update or revision to these Terms. Accordingly, MFARS reserves the right to change or discontinue any aspect or feature of the Service, as well as modify, change and/or update these Terms, from time to time, as MFARS deems appropriate. Any updates to these Terms shall be posted on the MFARS Website, from time to time. You acknowledge your responsibility to review these Terms from time to time and to be aware of any such changes and, should you request, we will be happy to keep you informed if/when such changes take place. If you do not agree with any such changes, your use of the Service may be cancelled in accordance with the procedures for cancellation set forth herein.


The customer agrees to use site in accordance with all applicable guidelines, state and federal laws that apply to the MFARS Service. This is your responsibility and obligation in all respects.

The section titles do not convey any meaning to the content of this document.

The language of these Terms is English. If the document is translated, the English version shall prevail over any such interpretation.